Positions for Students

Positions for Students

We offer you the opportunity to gain exciting insights into our daily research and application-related projects. In addition, you can apply your theoretical knowledge directly in practice and gain new experience. 

In addition, the topics of a student job often provide opportunities for final theses in industry or in our research groups.

With us, you are not just a simple assistant scientist, but are integrated directly into our team and we undertake many different social activities together. For example, we regularly have barbecues at the institute in summer or visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in winter.

You want more than a run-of-the-mill?

Apply right here now: info@isse.tu-clausthal.de

Or take a look at our Research Groups and our Labs and apply for the subjects, you are interested in!

To support us with checking where we find a good use of your skills within our institute, please include the following documents/information with your application:

  • A short summary of your expertise, in the form of a CV, a cover letter, or the like. This doesn't have to be overly formal, but we need to match your skills with our needs in the research projects, so this information is important.
  • Your course of study at TU Clausthal, when you immatriculated and when you expect to finish your studies (if already known)
  • A current transcripts of your studies at TU Clausthal
  • If you already have an academic degree (e.g., a B.Sc): A scan of your previous degree. We are not interested in the certificate, but rather the transcript, which shows the courses that you took.

If you already spoke with researchers from some research group and you are interested in working with them, please also provide a few words on whom you spoke to and about what project.

Note that open positions for prospective PhD students are posted on the "Positions for Reseachers" page.