Job offers academic researcher

We are looking for committed new employees to strengthen our team.

In addition to research and teaching, our focus is on working on industry-related projects.

The research groups at the Institute for Software and Systems Engineering successfully bridge the gap between theory and practice. Within this framework, there is always the opportunity to do a doctorate. The excellent regional, national and international network serves as an ideal springboard into science and industry.

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Job offers student assistant

We offer you the opportunity to gain exciting insights into our daily research and application-oriented projects. In addition, you can put your theoretical knowledge directly into practice and gain new experience.

Often, the topics covered by a student assistant position also lead to opportunities for final theses in industry or in our research department.

With us, you are not just a simple assistant scientist, but are directly integrated into our team and we undertake many different social activities together, for example we have regular barbecues at the institute in summer or we visit the Christmas market together in winter.

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Or take a look at our research groups and our labs and apply for the topics that interest you!

To help us see where your skills can be best utilized at our institute, your application should include the following documents/information if possible:

  • A brief summary of your skills and qualifications - e.g. in the form of a short CV, cover letter, or similar. This does not have to be overly formal, but this information is important so that we can match the needs of the research projects with your skills.
  • Your degree program at TU Clausthal, when you started your studies and when you expect to finish them (if the latter is already foreseeable)
  • A current list of the coursework you have already completed
  • If you already have an academic degree (e.g. a B.Sc.): A scan of your degree certificate. We are particularly interested in the list of courses taken, so a scan of your degree certificate is not necessary.

If you have already spoken to members of a research group and are particularly interested in working with them on their projects, please also write a few words about who you have spoken to and about which projects.

Initiative application

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You are motivated and looking for a new challenge in the field of Software System Engineering or you are interested in a PhD? Then apply to our team, even if there is no specific job description at that moment.

What you can expect?

You will work independently in application-related projects and derive research questions for dissertations or student work. In addition, you can take on activities in teaching as well as the education of students and so you can pass on your knowledge.

We are a young and creative team, which wants to grow through your commitment and at the same time offers many opportunities for your career development.