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Das ISSE gratuliert Arezoo Tajmoradi zum erfolgreichen Abschluss Ihrer Masterarbeit!

Frau Arezoo Tajmoradi hat Ihre Masterarbeit an der TU Clausthal erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Das Thema Ihrer Arbeit lautet: “ Comparison of Cloud Technologies for Start-ups“.


Cloud computing has emerged as the most significant driver in the IT sector in recent years. With cloud computing, it is feasible to modify the technology and consequently company solutions rapidly and effectively while accomplishing more with a lot less money. Due to this, it is particularly well-liked by businesses, especially startups. The number of cloud providers has rapidly expanded, making it difficult for startups to identify the best cloud services and cloud providers for their needs. A third-party company called the cloud provider offers cloud-based platforms, infrastructure, applications, or storage services. such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. Cloud service providers comply with a certain Service Level Agreement (SLA). SLA specifies the expectations between the service provider and the customer. It describes the products or services to be delivered. Today is important for startups and businesses to merge their technology with the Cloud. Therefore, one of the common challenges for them is to choose a suitable Cloud provider, and technology. In this paper, the quality of each cloud services provider, and also a comparison between different cloud services and providers are presented. Also, the impact of each Cloud provider on startups will be evaluated. The goal is to evaluate the different cloud providers from various points of view. We try in this work to help the startups to find out which provider is more suitable for them regarding their criteria, and why. So, In the result section, a comparison of some of the most popular cloud providers has been presented, and also the different techniques of Cloud computing have been evaluated in this work. The pros and cons of cloud providers also are presented in this research.

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