Herzlich Willkommen

Das ISSE begrüßt drei neue Mitarbeiter!

Das Institut für Software and Systems Engineering hat drei neue Mitarbeiter bekommen. Wissal Guedri wird die Forschungsgruppe Applied Machine-Learning and Simulation verstärken, während Mohamed Toufik Ailane die Forschungsgruppe Requirements, Architecture and Lifecycle Engineering und Amer Nagy Abdelsalam Ibrahim die Forschungsgruppe Dependable and autonomous cyber-physical systems unterstützen wird.

Weil wir die drei auch erst seit kurzem kennen, lassen wir sie einfach selbst zu Wort kommen:


M.Sc. Mohamed Toufik Ailane

Having two master degrees opened for me a wide range of research directions. The first one is regarding the verification and diagnosis of critical systems, where I have studied a group of specific courses for modeling using formal methods and for verification techniques. The project consisted of three diagnosers that are using Finite state machines (FSM) to model the faulty behavior of the system. The aim was to demonstrate the advantage of using the distributed architecture instead of the decentralized and centralized architectures. Eventually, I could defend my thesis under the title “A diagnose implementation for the distributed diagnosis using finite state machines models” which was regarded as the best thesis/project in the department of computer science for the year 2010/2011.

In 2015, I had joined the software engineering school at the prestigious Chinese university Shanghai Jiao Tong university. My research was dedicated to optimizing a network communication protocol that is called TTEthernet. For this reason, I could develop an algorithm to optimize the synchronization process. The idea was inspired by a natural phenomenon named Chorus-Line. Finally, I defended my thesis in order to obtain my master degree in March 2018.

Later in 2018, I started my PhD at the joint institute of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong university. I dedicated one year working on reinforcement learning where I was trying to design and develop algorithms that can compete with top algorithms in the field. Though the research direction didn’t align well with my previous background, I felt the urge to witch back into software engineering.

Eventually, I have joined the Institute for Software and Systems Engineering at the TU-Clausthal university.  A friendly environment, international groups and professional labs equipped with all the requirements (and warmth :) ) to conduct a successful research career. I am currently working on a DevOps project regarding smart grids and software engineering solutions. A three year project that we’re hoping to deliver through it an excellent academic results and remarkable industrial solutions.


M.Sc. Amer Nagy Abdelsalam Ibrahim

My name is Amer Ibrahim and I am very happy to be a part of the institute since November 1st 2019.New Career with many Challenges that are motivated me to join the institute for starting my PhD trip. Currently I am in the institute for more than one month and half. Moreover, I am glad to be a part of a friendly motivated team.

I finished my master at 2018 in TU Chemnitz in “Automotive software engineering”. My master focus was at automotive software technology, Computer science and embedded systems. My thesis was in between the AI and robotics are “Humanoid robots learn to recover perturbation during swing motion in frontal plane: mapping pushing force readings into appropriate behaviors”.

I had around two years of experience in the software industry area as I worked in two companies during and after my master. I worked as a software developer, which is my preferable job. I helped in the development of several software and website i.e. “MADQ, Diagnostic control center and DAF website”.

I wish I could use my work experience and my master background knowledge to integrating more with the ISSE suitable environment and making a PhD with one of the hot topics that we have in the institute.


M.Sc. Wissal Guedri

Hello everyone,  

My name is Wissal Guedri. I joined the ISSE group as a PhD student in December 2019, under Prof Rüdiger Ehlers's supervision in the “Applied Machine-Learning and Simulation” group. I got my master's degree in industrial data processing, which mainly focuses on Perception and Sensing in Robotic, Autonomous systems and manufacturing. That provided me a background and research experience in the field of machine learning. In addition, I have various experiences in Data-mining and Image processing.

My PhD research topic is about Safety and Reliability for learning systems. It revolves around learning and verifying the correct behaviour of Machine Learned models, in order to use them in Safety-critical systems. I'm eager to add value to the research  team and broaden my perspective  and knowledge on the field.


Wir freuen uns riesig auf die kommende Zusammenarbeit und wünschen Wissal, Mohamed und Amer alles Gute und viel Erfolg!

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