Shohreh Kia won the 2023 RealVNC Raspberry Pi Prize

Conveyor Belt Monitoring - Shohreh’s solution uses a Raspberry Pi connected to a camera to process real-time visual data from conveyor belts in recycling centers.

Material types on the belts are identified using custom-developed algorithms. RealVNC Connect allows workers to operate the machines remotely, in a much safer and healthier environment.

After taking a job at a recycling plant to earn extra money during her studies, Shohreh was inspired to create technology that would help people working in unhealthy conditions enjoy the benefits of remote working. After creating this first solution as part of her master’s degree, she is now creating more remote access technology for other types of recycling plant machines as part of her PhD. Her goal is to one day launch a company that improves the lives of people working in dangerous conditions around the world.