Successful Workshop with Siemens Engineers on Digital Transformation and AI

We had the pleasure of hosting over 35 engineers from Siemens for a two-day workshop at our facility.

The main focus of our intense and interactive exchange was on digital transformation, with a special emphasis on artificial intelligence and innovation.
Discussions revolved around exciting topics such as autonomous driving, AI in production, and of course, ChatGPT and Large Language Models. It was inspiring to see the active and engaged participation of the Siemens team in the workshops.
In addition to the workshops, we also had the opportunity to visit the Siemens Founders' House in Goslar. This excursion, coupled with the exploration of the historic imperial city of Goslar, provided a perfect backdrop for our workshop.
The exchange with the Siemens engineers was immensely enriching. We look forward to further collaboration and shaping the future of technology together.