HICSS Minitrack - Fostering Digitally Enabled Collaboration for Circular Economy Transformation

The Institute for Software and Systems Engineering is glad to announce, that we successfully applied for a minitrack on the 2025 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. (January 7-10, 2025, Big Island - Hawaii) In order to contribute with your research to the minitrack, please see the information for the call for papers as described below.

Transforming nowadays linear economy towards a sustainable and circular one that addresses the current ecological and social challenges requires a collaborative approach. Therefore, stakeholders across different domains and companies must cooperate to enable the transition from the current linear economy towards more ecological and social practices. Digital innovations and technologies in association with social development can be viewed in this context as key enabler, allowing interconnectedness over system and domain boundaries and enabling technological milestones towards a fairer Circular Economy, which benefits all of its stakeholders.

We invite you to submit your work to our minitrack.

To address the current challenges and advance research in this field, we invite researchers to submit their paper to one of the following research fields:

  • Cooperative cyber-physical systems and digital twins for product monitoring and optimization, control, information transparency and data analytics with emphasis on multi-stakeholder management in the Circular Economy
  • Interdisciplinary, domain overarching sustainable ecosystem design for stakeholder collaborations through digitized solutions
  • Legal and social approaches for safeguarding digitized Circular Economy concepts
  • Collaborative business models for sustainable systems, acceptance & success models for Circular Economy
  • System architectures and platform systems for product sharing, reuse, repair, remanufacture and recycle
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based decision support systems for product lifecycle management, system planning and cross-system collaboration
  • User data privacy protection, data management, transmission protection in sensor systems
  • Automated interconnected collaboration systems for product repair, decomposition and recycling
  • Human/robot cooperation in Circular Economy domains

Important Information

Information about the mini-track: https://hicss.hawaii.edu/tracks-58/collaboration-systems-and-technologies/#fostering-digitally-enabled-collaboration-for-circular-economy-transformation-minitrack

Deadlines, author instructions and submission details: https://hicss.hawaii.edu/authors/

Conference Website: https://hicss.hawaii.edu/

Papers must follow the HICSS format.

Minitrack Co-Chairs

Andreas Rausch
TU Clausthal


Carolin Rubner
Siemens AG


Agnieszka Szmelter Jarosz
University of Gdańsk


Marit Briechle-Mathiszig
TU Clausthal