Herzlichen Glückwunsch

Das ISSE gratuliert Smit Luvani zum erfolgreichen Abschluss seiner Masterarbeit!

Smit Luvani hat seine Masterarbeit an der TU Clausthal erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Das Thema seiner Masterarbeit lautet: “HIL simulation platform-based continuous testing of software-based vehicle functions using test automation and DevOps approach“.


Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is a crucial component of software quality assurance in the automotive industry, enabling the validation of ECUs under realistic conditions. However, due to the increasing complexity of embedded control functions in vehicles, the traditional process of performing HIL testing is time-consuming, repetitive, and labor-intensive. This can result in difficulties for project managers and teams in efficiently completing the development and operation process. The objective of this study is to integrate DevOps principles with HIL simulation testing in order to streamline and automate the testing process. This approach ensures the highly efficient development and validation of ECU software in a real-time simulation environment. The proposed approach employs the (CI/CD) tool Jenkins, which enables the initiation of tests in response to specific events within the version control system. The integration of Jenkins and GitLab into the development process enables the management of automated pipelines, model development, code generation and execution, test execution and reporting. This facilitates the promotion of teamwork and productivity. Consequently, the manual effort and time required to perform HIL testing with real-time simulators can be reduced, as can the provision of feedback to the appropriate parties. This, in turn, ultimately leads to a more efficient and faster process for HIL tests and the operational lifecycle.


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