Herzlich Willkommen!

Das ISSE begrüßt eine neue Mitarbeiterin!

Das Institut für Software and Systems Engineering hat eine neue Mitarbeiterin bekommen. M.Sc. Iqra Aslam verstärkt die Forschungsgruppe Dependable and Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems.

Und weil wir Iqra auch erst seit kurzem kennen, lassen wir sie einfach selbst zu Wort kommen:


M.Sc. Iqra Aslam

Hello Everyone

I am Iqra Aslam, working as a doctorate student in an Dependable and Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems (DACS) at the Institute for Software and Systems Engineering, Clausthal University of Technology. I am glad to become a part of this friendly and enthusiastic team.

I did my Masters in computer Science from Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), Pakistan in August 2019. During my Master´s period, I have worked on an approach entitled 'An optimized path planning framework for autonomous ground robots'. The research was consisting of a multi-method strategy: (1) “Mapping study” to finds the gaps of existing research and (2) “Algorithm implementation” to fulfil these existing gaps. 

I am much eager to adopt and work on new tools and technologies. My research interest lies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics mainly focused on Robot’s Path planning. I also have a teaching experience of more than two years at Govt College of Pakistan. For the future, I am interested to explore more in the topics of Artificial intelligence and robotics.

In last, I would like to say thank you for the kind support since my first day at the lab and I am also looking onward to the forthcoming support at Institute for Software and Systems Engineering.


Wir freuen uns riesig auf die kommende Zusammenarbeit und wünschen Iqra alles Gute und viel Erfolg!


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