DGT: Digitized Green Tech

The Research Group

The Circular Economy has long been cited as the flagship model for systems that can guarantee both monetary value preservation and the compatibility of ecosocial progress with intact ecosystems. To achieve this, the ISSE's research group is addressing the challenges of implementing sustainable digitalization solutions to advance the Circular Economy and associated Green Technologies. Among other things, the problems of a sustainable logistics economy, the lifecycle management of products and services as well as automated product disassembly and the missing information basis of products are investigated. Thus, our research contributes to the achievement of a sustainable future.

Our research focus

Within the Digitized Green Tech research group, we combine proven approaches from the fields of software engineering, digitization and green technologies to create innovative and sustainable software ecosystems.


E-Mail: Dominique Fabio Briechle
E-Mail: Marit Mathiszig

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