Hardware in the Loop Lab

Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Lab

Do you strive to work on innovative and cutting-edge challenges of improving the dependability of automotive software?
Are you seeking to improve your skills and learn new technologies in the field of real time simulation and testing of automotive?

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) lab offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons and stay up to date at all times through challenging and attractive projects to test a complex real-time control systems with experimental test scenarios. The main goal of the lab is developing new methods for assessing the dependability of automotive software systems and validation of safety mechanisms using new technologies e.g Machine learning. That is through testing and verifying software systems with simulated components in a virtual environment i.e creating test environment conditions and moving functional tests from test benches to the Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation as well as verify the timing behavior of the system.
(HIL) simulation will be a best platform for you, not only to test the functionality of the hardware and software under conditions, but also to analyze the effects of faults and failures of communication, actuators, sensors and controller on the overall system. Moreover, Machine-learning technologies will be used in the lab for automated testing purposes e.g injection, detection, classification and prediction of faults. Thus, the Lab offers the possibility for a new use case and scenarios to improve the verification & validation process using manual or automated methods.

  • Autobox from dSPACE
  • dSPACE software
  • Real steering system
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • Computing environment and real time processing hardware
  • Simulated vehicle motor and electrical I/O and for ECUs under test.

We invite you to bring yourself and your ideas to perform a Bachelor\Master thesis about this topic

E-Mail: Thorben Knust
E-Mail: Mohammad Abboush